Before, During and After Installation

The fabrication of a leaded glass panel is an intricate and exacting process. From a scale drawing, the full-sized pattern is precisely drawn. Each piece of selected glass, textured clear or colored, is cut and ground to size. The lead is wrapped around each piece, building out from one corner with the zinc borders; each piece must be within the boundary lines of the pattern to insure accuracy. On completion of the leading, all joints are soldered on both sides. Turning a large panel to solder the reverse side is a highly focused maneuver. The panel is then cemented with a special glazing compound that hardens and makes the panel rigid; it is then cleaned with a dry white powder called whiting. After the cement hardens, intense cleaning, sealing of the lead to prevent oxidation, and polishing result in an immaculate piece of glass art ready to install.

One of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s declared goals was to “bring beauty into the home in order that we might live with it, absorb its substance and so enhance our existence.” It is with the same motivation that I engage with the client to create works of beauty in glass to enhance the environment of homes and businesses. My goal is interpreting each client’s ideas of beauty and customizing each piece of glass art to meet the needs and specifications required.